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Ninninger Profiles and Messages From the Cast


Ninninger Profiles and Messages From the Cast


Profiles for the characters in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and messages from the cast have been revealed..


Takaharu Igasaki / Akaninger
Takaharu is the type that acts before thinking. He acts like a big brother, trying to pull everyone together, sometimes unsuccessfully. His caring nature makes him draw the shortest straw most of the time, but even then, he is an optimist who believes everything will be alright.

Shunsuke Nishikawa’s message:
I am very happy to become the Red member of a Sentai team. I’ve watched them since I was little. This series would be the third to use ninjas, and I think that the Ninja is the ultimate Japanese hero. That is why my objective is to make this something not only the Japanese public enjoys, but anyone around the world. The stories are, in general, serious but there are many comedic moments and it is entertaining to just read the script. The suits are really cool too, so I hope the kids start playing ninjas after watching the series. Takaharu, my character, is very fond of his grandfather, the Last Ninja. He feels a deep respect for him and I felt like I really identified with him since my grandfather has been a big influence for me. Takaharu may have a bit more energy than I do, but probably our common point really is that we are a bit distracted. I was able to befriend my fellow cast members immediately. Takaharu has a younger sister, Fuka. Since I don’t have younger sisters, I’m not sure how to handle the relationship yet. Since the rest of the cast also have similarities to their characters, I hope to bring the atmosphere we have when we are together to the scene. I’ll do my best this coming year. Thank you!


Claude Yakumo Kato / Aoninger
Claude has lived most of his life abroad and was learning European magic in England when he was called back. He is the rich boy type with a cool demeanor and somewhat presumptuous. In contrast, however, he has a quick temper and can be a bit of a bonehead at times.

Gaku Matsumoto’s message:
Today, I was lifted with wires for a scene. Everyday is a new challenge but I am enjoying it very much. I think the team was able to get along from the start. It is a very nice, enjoyable atmosphere when the 5 of us are together. I was aware I was the oldest and tried to start conversations with everyone but they are all very talkative. I think that this team will be able to join forces and do its best. My character seems to have spent a lot of time abroad and I spent 3 weeks in England playing football. I felt the England connection was a bit mysterious. His catchphrase is “That’s easy”. I am doing my best to pronounce it correctly. I am aiming for this years Most Popular Phrase Award so if you like it, spread it around (laughs). My brother, who lives near our family, had a Kakuranger videotape that I watched a lot so it left a lasting impression on me. When shooting, the most difficult part is using the katana. I am left-handed and it is difficult to hold the katana with my right hand. I practice by myself a lot. This is a very unique chance to experiment many things, so I want to take it and absorb as much as I can

yellow ninjer

Nagi Matsuo / Kininger
Nagi is a very friendly young man. He may seem to not be thinking of anything but is actually very observant and street smart. He is obsessed with getting licences and certifications for diferent things to make good use of. Maybe he thinks being a ninja is one too?

Kaito Nakamura’s message:
It was by mere chance, but in my official profile picture I’m wearing a yellow sweater. Sentai Yellow members have been female lately and I was really surprised when I was chosen as this year’s Yellow. However, I want to take the chance to show the viewers a true “male yellow” in action. I loved Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger and I was thrilled that let alone I’d be playing a hero, he’d be a ninja too. I looked into my closet and drew out an old Hurricanger book I used to read a lot. I also, for the first time, experienced working on voice-over and it was more difficult than I thought. Hiramaki (ToQ-2) and Nagahama (ToQ-6) are both my seniors in the agency and they gave me lots of advice. Acting is really difficult and I worry a lot. I tend to forget about one thing when another comes up and just minding details makes the acting poor. I am still searching for many things about Nagi which I hope to catch and improve soon. I used to play football and do karate, so moving my body is one of my strong points. I wish to do my best so that you can’t wait for Sunday mornings!


Fuuka Igasaki / Shironinger
A pure, optimistic and hard working young girl. Fuuka is Takaharu’s younger sister and her reliability may be the product of growing up with a fireball like Takaharu. She is jolly most of the time but when something saddens her, it is very deeply.

Yuuka Yano’s message:
There are two girls in the team so I thought I’d be yellow. Then I was told I was white. I like white a lot and have lots of white clothes, so I was really happy. I used to watch the live-action version of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. I have an older brother so I have seen some Sentai as well. This year’s theme is ninjas but as you could see, they have no intention of sneaking around. I thought that was very interesting. Fuuka seems to be very reliable but I am not reliable at all (laughs). When I read the script, I saw how she wants to work hard to become reliable and I identified with that. Since Takaharu causes trouble from time to time… The whole team is related, but I want to also show the relationship between Takaharu and Fuuka. I want to strengthen the bond with the rest of the cast. I didn’t do a lot of sports but I have danced my whole life and I hope to take advantage of that. Although, shooting the other day, I realized just how hard action really is. I may not get better overnight but I want to improve little by little. I want children to talk about Ninninger and ask each other “Did you watch Ninninger yesterday?”


Kasumi Momochi / Momoninger
Kasumi is a very reserved girl with something of a genius in her. She loves science and is very astute with mechanics, but she is unable to read between lines or take a hint. Hence there are times in which, in spite of her looks, she can be really sharp-tongued. At the same time, deep within her there are some very girly aspects she seldom shows.

Kasumi Yamaya’s message:
I graduate high school this year, but, since 1st year, I have worked at the Ooizumi studio every year (laughs). This time, it is going to be a long span. In past projects, I was able to learn a lot from my senior actors, but this time, since I have a bit more experience, it is my sort of duty to help everyone along. I think they all are the perfect choice for their parts. We are a very balanced team. We all come from different places and normally we talk about our hometowns. We were able to get along very quickly. Apparently, the fact that we are both named Kasumi is a complete coincidence. However, I think this is the 4th time I play a character named Kasumi. I am thankful because everyone knows my name so soon. The sharp-tongued comments of Kasumi are something I’m really good at (laughs), but this time it has a bit of clumsiness in it, which I think will be difficult to portray. There was this phrase in a project I worked on previously that said “Working for one’s life”. It is a bit embarrassing to say it out loud but that is how I want to approach my work in Ninninger. I hope you will enjoy it.

Source: Ressha Sentai ToQger VS Kyoryuger THE MOVIE pamphlet 

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  1. James

    January 22, 2015 at 2:20 pm

    Claude and not Cloud? Kumo means Cloud.

    • betsy

      January 23, 2015 at 6:30 pm

      i guess we will find out for sure what it is meant to be when it airs 😀

  2. betsy

    January 23, 2015 at 6:39 pm

    these are great interviews, thanks. they seem like nice kids, i’m really excited to see them in action

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