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Toho Begins Production on New Godzilla Film


Toho Begins Production on New Godzilla Film


Toho announced today that the The King of Monsters is set to make a return with his parent company

2014 has been a big year for Godzilla. Not only was it his 60th anniversary, it also saw the release of a popular American adaptation that revitalized the franchise stateside. Now Toho is ending the year in a big way, with the announcement that they’ll make another Godzilla film for the first time since Final Wars, ten years ago. The gap between this film, when it releases in 2016, and Final Wars is the longest period Japan has gone without a Godzilla film.

As for whether the monster will be brought to life through a man in a suit or CGI, according to Movie Division Deputy Director Taichi Ueda: “…it has not been decided yet. However, after the rights for “Parasyte” returned from American to Japanese hands, it has been proven there is talent within the country capable of quality that can rival Hollywood superproductions.”

Ueda says they greenlit the project due to the success of the American film. They are currently recruiting staff, and plan to film during the Summer and Fall of 2015.

Source: Cinema Today,

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