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Latest Televi-kun Scans Reveal New Ninninger Details


Latest Televi-kun Scans Reveal New Ninninger Details


Scans from the January issue of Televi-kun reveal the latest Shuriken Sentai Ninninger information.

Revealed in the scans are the phrases and titles spoken by the team before battle.

Akaninja, the “Firey ninja”, shouts “A Wonderful Rampage! Red Ninja!”
Aoninja, the “Calm ninja”, shouts “Rumble, Yakumo! Blue Ninja!”
Kininja, the “Nimble ninja” shouts “The Sparkling Calmness! Yellow Ninja!”
Shironinja, the “Energetic ninja”, shouts “A Petal of Glittering Snow! White Ninja!”
Momoninja, the “Smart ninja”, shouts “The Shimmering Mist! Pink Ninja!”


Further information is revealed throughout the scans, including the revelation that Akaninja is Shironinja’s older brother, showcasing the rarely seen sibling pair of team members. Akaninja is described as the heated member of the group while Aoninja is the calm member. Kininja acts as the group’s funny man while Momoninja is described as being good with mechanics.

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger begins airing on February 15th, 2015, the week after ToQger’s 47th and final episode.

Source: Televi-kun January 2015 Issue

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