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Adventure Book Based on Classic Series “Operation: Mystery!” Set to Debut in 2015


Adventure Book Based on Classic Series “Operation: Mystery!” Set to Debut in 2015

Operation Mystery

Tsubaraya Productions, in association with bookstore Miraya, is preparing to release a new series of adventure game books based on the classic tokusatsu series Operation: Mystery! in January of next year.

Operation: Mystery! was a Tsubaraya Productions series that ran from 1968-1971. Featuring story lines that were frequently macabre and even terrifying, the television series chronicled the adventures of Japan’s SRI (Scientific Research Institute), a forensic research organization that investigated and dealt with bizarre scientific and paranormal phenomena. Maintaining a large fan following even to this day, it has been favorably compared to later western paranormal investigation series such as Kolchak: The Night Stalker and The X-Files.

The all-new stories, authored by Shin Kibayashi, original author of popular whodunit series Kindaichi Case Files, are billed as “adventure game books” that can be solved via interactive clues available in the Miraiya stores located in Chiba Prefecture’s Makuhari Aeon Mall, Saitama’s Lake Town Aeon Mall, and Nagoya’s Teahouse Aeon Mall.

In the first book, Tokyo Metropolitan Police First Investigation Division receives a series of mysterious photos, such as that of a dead man and a knife in flames. Written on the back is the text, “Images of a criminal taken from the brain of a witness.”

Who is the sender? What is the purpose of the photos? And how is it possible for one to take photographs from the mind of a human being? Something about this case is reminiscent of a certain unsolved incident that occurred ten years ago…

A few days later, a terrifying incident occurs: many customers who have visited Miraiya Bookstores recently have their heads suddenly explode. The cause of death is noted as being “almost as if their brain tried to leap out of their head from the inside”.

Who is the victim? What is the cause of the brain ruptures? And what is the connection to the incident ten years ago? The SRI races against time to solve the mystery!

The adventure books will be released January 10, 2015.

Source: Tsubaraya Productions Official Web Site

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