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New Images of Kamen Rider Drive’s Toy Line


New Images of Kamen Rider Drive’s Toy Line



This past weekend, the Bandai Boy’s Toy updated its website with full photos of the Kamen Rider Drive toy line, as September 1st marks the beginning of store pre-orders.


First is the DX Drive Driver, which includes the Shift Brace. These two work in tandem with one another to transform Shinnosuke into Kamen Rider Drive. Also included with the Driver are two Shift Cars: Shift Speed and Shift Max Flare. Our featured image gives us a first look at the design of the Driver. The whole Driver itself is very reminiscent of a car’s front grill and headlights. Plastered on the top is an LED panel set alongside what appears to be various gauges. The main LED panel changes design depending on which Shift Car is inserted into the Shift Brace. The Driver appears to show Drive’s face by default, an “S” logo when Shift Speed is inserted, and a flame design when Shift Max Flare is inserted.

Each Shift Car’s rear end flips 180 degrees into Lever Mode and is inserted into the Shift Brace. The Shift Car can then be lifted forward like a lever to activate attacks and transformations. Inserting the Shift Speed Shift Car into the Shift Brace will cause an infrared signal to transfer to the Driver. The Driver will then announce “Drive! Type Speed!” and initiate the transformation. Inserting the Shift Max Flare into the Shift Brace will initiate a “Tire Koukan” or “Tire Swap” where the tire draped along Drive’s body will swap to a new design, giving Drive new strengths and abilities. Shift Max Flare makes the Driver announce “Tire Koukan! Max Flare” and begins the tire swap. As noted, the LED panel will change designs and the Driver will initiate new attacks.

The DX Drive Driver & Shift Brace are due out on October 2, 2014. It has no set retail price by Bandai, but is expected to cost roughly ¥7,600.



As with all Kamen Rider toy lines, Drive’s belt includes its holder, the Shift Car Holder. The DX Shift Car Holder clips onto the belt of the Drive Driver. It features three slots that can house one Shift Car each. Included with the Shift Card Holder is the Shift Car Shift Funky Spike. The DX Shift Car Holder will also be available on October 2, 2014. Like the Driver, it has no set price by Bandai, but is expected to cost roughly ¥2,400.

Customers can also buy the DX Drive Driver & Shift Brace together with the DX Shift Car Holder in a special set. The set will also be sold on October 2, 2014. Like the individual releases, it has no set price by Bandai, but is expected to cost roughly ¥10,000.



Drives toy line also includes the first in Drive‘s Rider Hero Series with Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed. Like most Rider Hero Series toys, it features swivels at the shoulders and waist. RHS Drive Type Speed will be released October 2, 2014 for ¥800.



Drive‘s gimmick line is called the TK Series, which stands for “Tire Koukan” as announced by the belt during a tire swap. Each figure of Drive features a removable tire. Through various toy releases and TK Series releases, it will be possible to collect more and more tires that can be attached to the figure to emulate the tire swaps seen in the show. TK01: Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed will include his default Speed Tire, as well as the Max Flare Tire. It is unknown if the figure will come with small versions of the Door Gun or Handle Sword at this time. TK01 will release on October 2, 2014 for ¥3,200.



Finally, the photo above showcases the DX Tridoron. Tridoron is Drive’s personal car used in the series. The car also has the ability to harness the power of the Shift Cars to upgrade itself. According to the toy catalogs, DX Tridoron has compatibility with both the Shift Cars and TK Tires, but how functional they are and what they do is unconfirmed at this time. Included with the DX Tridoron is the Shift Car Shift Midnight Shadow, as well as the Midnight Shadow Tire for the TK Series figures. DX Tridoron will be release in mid-October for ¥6,200.

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