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Kamen Rider Jam Identity Potentially Revealed


Kamen Rider Jam Identity Potentially Revealed


A number of summaries and tweet from an actress may have revealed the events of Kamen Rider Gaim’s final episode and the identify of Kamen Rider Jam.

Half a year has passed since the Helheim incident. As Mitsuzane is reminiscing over Kōta, the Locust monster appears with a young girl that transforms into Kamen Rider Jam.

Zawame City is back to the way it used to be after half a year. Amidst that, a mysterious Armored Rider appears in front of Mitsuzane. Mitsuzane transforms into Ryugen in order to fight, but has a hard time keeping up. That’s when “he” appears.


An independent scan states that Kougane, Kamen Rider Mars from the The Great Soccer Match! The Golden Fruit Cup! movie, returns and starts attacking people and Mitsuzane in response makes a decision.

Honoka Andou confirms on her twitter, above, that she will play a young girl in Kamen Rider Gaim’s final episode.

The most likely explanation would be Kougane, who disguise himself as other humans in the summer movie, appears firstly in the form of the girl, then revealing himself and finally transforming into Jam. This however, is not confirmed.

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Source: Honoka’s twitter

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