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Next Week on Kamen Rider Gaim: Episode 41

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Next Week on Kamen Rider Gaim: Episode 41

Gaim ep41a

Kōta starts to realize his true path in Episode 41 of Kamen Rider GaimClash! The Overlord King.

Episode 41: Clash! The Overlord King
Writer: Jin Haganeya and Gen Urobuchi
Director: Hidenori Ishida
Action Director: Hirofumi Ishigaki (JAE)

Kōta has decided to protect humanity and the world even at the cost of becoming an Overlord. After finding out through Duke’s transmission that Mai is with Roshuo, Kōta is joined by Kaito and both head out to her rescue. Kaito is quick in noticing the change. “I see you finally have made a decision.” he says. Kōta responds: “I won’t hesitate again.”

Gaim ep41b

Meanwhile, Roshuo is lamenting that he obtained the Fruit of Wisdom and yet lost his Queen in his pursuit of an ideal. Mai, having heard this, says “You’re not wrong” with tears in her eyes. Left speechless, Roshuo makes a decision.

Source: TV Asahi

Image Source: Toei

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