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Next Time on Kamen Rider Gaim: Episode 42

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Next Time on Kamen Rider Gaim: Episode 42

Gaim ep42a

The Golden Fruit shows its influence on the team in Episode 42 of Kamen Rider GaimMitsuzane! The Last Transformation.

Episode 42: Mitsuzane! The Last Transformation.
Writer: Gen Urobuchi and Jin Haganeya
Director: Satoshi Morota
Action Directors: Hirofumi Ishigaki and Hiromichi Takeda

Mai and Mitsuzane meet again at Team Gaim’s garage. However, Mai suddenly feels ill and loses consciousness. In her current state, she’s in danger so following Ryōma‘s instructions, Mitsuzane takes her to a hospital.

Gaim ep42b

Kōta and Kaito meet the rescued Akira and Zack and they have a moment of peace after defeating the remaining Inves in the city. However, Kōta says they should take over Helheim as well and evolve. Kōta tries to convince Kaito however Kaito responds with “But that’s thinking like the Overlords…”

Ryōma has verified that Mai has the Golden Fruit inside of her. Why did Roshuo give the fruit to Mai? Sagara appears before the two puzzled men and reveals something about the Golden Fruit.

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Source: TV Asahi
Image Source: Toei

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