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New Photos of Chogokin DX Darkliner Robo


New Photos of Chogokin DX Darkliner Robo


Thanks to the newest issue of Figure-Oh Magazine, we have the latest information regarding the Super Sentai Artisan release of Chogokin DX Darkliner Robo!


The Super Sentai Artisan line is a line of collector themed Super Sentai releases, right now specializing in add-ons for the ToQger toy line. The first full-fledged original toy for the line will be a Chogokin release of the Darkliner Robo from Ressha Sentai ToQger. The Darkliner are dark trains piloted by the various Shadow Line members to do battle against the Rainbow Line’s ToQ-Oh, and the other ToQger Robo. It was recently announced that the Darkliner would be getting a Chogokin toy, and now thanks to the latest Figure-Oh issue, we know what the toy is currently planned to look like.


Being a Chogokin toy, you can expect copious amounts of die-cast to be included around the toy. The Robos main design is that of General Schwarz’s version of the Darkliner. However, the toy will feature a fold-down head gimmick that will transform the head to that of the standard Darkliner piloted by the Crows, the foot soldiers of the series. Shown is a brief synopsis of the transformation, which consists of splitting the body to extend the train. The train design looks to be based off of General Schwarz’s Darkliner, with no possible transformation into the normal Darkliner shown at this time.

As of right now, the only thing we know is that the Schwarz Darkliner will be released in December 2014. It’s scheduled to begin pre-orders on Premium Bandai this October 2014.

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Source: TAG Hobby

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