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Kamen Rider Drive Characters And Story At Press Conference


Kamen Rider Drive Characters And Story At Press Conference


Today in Japan, Toei held the first major press conference for the 25th Rider Series, Kamen Rider Drive, officially revealing the look of the characters, story and even the car itself in front of a gathering news media members.



The Roimyuudo are android-like beings who desire to become human. With exception of some leaders, the Roimyuudo are all spread across the net in “light” form. The leaders, using the platform left behind, work to revive the original Roimyuudo and stage an uprising against mankind. There are others who want to revive by themselves from the network by learning strong human thoughts that allow them special powers. They can access townspeople and cause various types of mysterious cases. Standing in their way are the Tokyo MPD’s Special Unit whose latest recruit, Shinnosuke, gains the ability to fight them as Kamen Rider Drive. Using new powers granted by Shift Cars and his supercar, the Tridoron, he aims to stop their plans.



Takeuchi Ryouma will play Shinnosuke/Kamen Rider DriveShinnosuke used to be a passionate elite until an incident happened and a fellow detective of his unit was left incapacitated. He lost all motivation as a police officer. However, because of this, he is assigned to the Special Unit. After coming across the Drive Driver, he secretly becomes Kamen Rider Drive. His main vehicle is that of the supercar Tridoron.

Rio Uchida plays Kiriko Shijima, a beautiful, but scary and almost robot-like young woman. She’s responsible for all the technical work at the Special Unit and knows Kamen Rider Drive’s true identity, often helping him during fights.

Rei Yoshii plays the impatient Rinna Sawagami, an Electron Physicist who researches the powers and abilities of the Roimyuudo monsters. In additional to covering the Special Unit’s mechanical work, she doubles for Shinnosuke whenever he’s out searching for things.

Kyuu Saijou, played by Kenta Hamano, is a Network researcher. While he’s an expert at what he does, he’s still more or less a nerd in love with occult stuff. His approach to the cases sometimes gets him in trouble with the rest of the team.

Jun Hongnaji , the trouble-hating Police HQ Chief is played by Tsurutarou KataokaInto fortune telling and feng shui, he’s often found wearing different ties on different days to match his lucky color. Because of Shinnosuke’s tendency to slack off, he assigns Kiriko to watch over him.

Rounding out the cast is Taira Imata as Genpachirou Otta, the foul-mouthed, yet reliable lieutenant of the Special Unit. Otta thinks the Special unit is nothing more than a burden, and often tends to make fun of the “Occult Club” at the station. However, he gets along with Shinnosuke. He loves children but he doesn’t want anyone to know this.


On the side of the Roimyuudo are firstly, their black-clad secret leader Heart , voiced by Tomoya Warabino (Gokusen 3). Also among them is Brain, voiced by Shouta Matsushima (Godhand Teru), in charge of intelligence gathering and analysis. He has a nervous personality and regards Drive as being the most dangerous. He can fight with nervous attacks. Drive’s main rival in is the mysterious professional hitman Chase, played by Taikou Katoono (No Dropping Out: Back To School At 35), who rides the custom Shinigami motorcycle. A silent ladies man, his identity has yet to be shown.


The series will be written by Riku Sanjo, his second time as head writer since his debut in Kamen Rider W, and directed by Ryuta Tasaki (Kamen Rider Agito, Akibaranger, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue). Toei producers Takahito Omori (Kyoryuger, Sentai VS Series) and Taku Mochizuki will serve as series producers with TV Asahi producer Motoi Sasaki (Go-Busters, Kyoryuger, ToQGer).

Mitsuru Matsuoka of SOPHIA, better known to fans as the alter-ego of Kamen Rider Eternal from W Forever, will perform the show’s opening theme, “SURPRISE-DRIVE”. Since SOPHIA’s activities are currently on hold, he will be preforming with a new band named Mitsuru Matsuoka EARNEST DRIVE.

Kamen Rider Drive will begin broadcasting on TV Asahi on Sunday, October 5th, taking Kamen Rider Gaim‘s timeslot.

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Source: Oricon Style, TV Asahi Official Site

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