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Voyager to Release First Album


Voyager to Release First Album


Band, Voyager, to release Ultraman music album.

Voyager, the group that replaced Project DMM as Tsuburaya’s “official” Ultraman band, will be releasing a full length album.

Entitled Ultra Galaxy, the album will be a collection of various songs produced and performed by Voyager for the Ultraman franchise since 2007. This will be the first full length album released by Voyager. Along with vocals from the main band, various singers from throughout the show’s history will also lend their talents to many of the remixes featured.


  1. Shining Future ~ To the Galaxy’s Dream ~
  2. The Ultraman Ginga Song
  3. The Ultraman Victory Song
  4. Ulfes 2014 Theme (TBA)
  5. Power of Voice
  6. New Light (Remix 2011)
  7. Go Forward! Ultraman Zero 2012
  8. Shining Future (feat. Ultraman Zero)
  9. Rising High (feat. Minami Shōta)
  10. Those Guys are the Ultimate Force Zero (feat. Minami Shōta as Rei)
  11. Ultra Smile (feat. Minami Shōta)
  12. The Egg of Friendship (feat. Minami Shōta as Dr. EG)
  13. Ultraman 80 Exercises
  14. The Return of Ultraman Exercises
  15. Ultraman Ondo Shuwatch
  16. Ultraman of the 1st City District (feat. Amagai Konomi)
  17. Awaken, Ultraman Tiga
  18. Ultraman Dyna (feat. Maeda Tatsuya)
  19. Ultraman Mebius the Hero
  20. Everyone Loves Ultraman (Vocal Retake)

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Source: M78 Blog

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