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Next Week on Kamen Rider Gaim: Episode 33

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Next Week on Kamen Rider Gaim: Episode 33

Gaim ep33a

The evacuation of Zawame City commences in Episode 33 of Kamen Rider GaimThe Beat Riders Assemble!

Episode 33: The Beat Riders Assemble!
Writer: Gen Urobuchi and Mitsunori Kaiho (nitro+)
Director: Hidenori Ishida

Zawame City has been invaded by Overlord-commanded Inves. The citizens are evacuating, among them Kōta and Akira.

Meanwhile, the Beat Riders, Oren and Yoko have a strategy meeting. According to Yoko, the whole problem with Zawame will be addressed by Yggdrassil, neither the police nor the army can interfere at this point. The Riders patrol the streets and help people that have not evacuated yet.

Gaim ep33b

Mitsuzane, who has been moving along with Redyue, finds out about Redyue’s true intentions and reaffirms his resolve to defeat Kōta. What is Redyue’s objective? What new way will Mitsuzane target Kōta?

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Sources: TV-Asahi, Toei


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