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Minor Carbon Monoxide Poisoning on “Innocent Lilies” Movie Sequel Set


Minor Carbon Monoxide Poisoning on “Innocent Lilies” Movie Sequel Set


A Japanese news source reported minor carbon monoxide poisoning that occurred during the filming of a second, yet to be announced, Innocent Lilies – White Witch Academy movie.

Early Sunday morning, on June 15, ten people suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning on the set of a second Innocent Lilies – White Witch Academy movie in an ōya stone mine near Utsunomiya.At that time, they were using three power generators for the lights. The three power generators were the cause of the gas leak.

According to the Utsunomiya police, there were ten people ranging from age 18-43. Five of those ten people were the members: Risa Aizawa, Mirin Furukawa, Eimi Naruse, Nemi Yumemi, and Ayane Fujisaki. The damage was fortunately minor, and the ten people were discharged after spending a day in the hospital.

It’s also worth noting that the first Innocent Lilies was made and directed by the tokusatsu director Koichi Sakomoto, aged 43.

Prior to this, the second film had yet to be officially announced. The Innocent Lilies TV series is currently available via simulcast on Viki.

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Source: Yomiuri

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