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Latest Plot Details For Kamen Rider Gaim’s Summer Movie


Latest Plot Details For Kamen Rider Gaim’s Summer Movie

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1403763236803Televi-kun and TV Magazine releases reveal more information about Kamen Rider Gaim: Great Soccer Battle! Golden Fruits Cup summer movie.

    Kouta finds himself wandering around in a mysterious world where he meets the young man, Lapis. In this world, Riders decide things through soccer games. Lapis is the one who brings Kouta into the soccer world. However, this world is not all fun and games when the evil Rider, Mars, appears in Soccer Zawame City. Mars has come to destroy the world in order to create his own. To do so, he also corrupts Kouta, turning him evil.

    All the Armored Riders have to work together in order to fight Mars with Kouta needing to use the Acorn, Durian and Banana Lockseeds to try and defeat him. Lapis also joins the fight by transforming into Kamen Rider Kamuro. Lapis creates an energy ball together with the other Riders and lets Gaim kick it as a soccer ball. Mars powers up by transforming himself into the Flaming Horse, which completely engulfs him in flames and burns everything he touches. How will the Riders be able to fight him?!

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Source: Televi-Kun August 2014 Issue and TV Magazine August 2014 Issue

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