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Moga Mogami of Joins the Cast of Ultraman Ginga S


Moga Mogami of Joins the Cast of Ultraman Ginga S

Moga Mogami

As the premiere date for the new show, Ultraman Ginga S, draws near, a new villain has been announced and will be played by pop idol Moga Mogami.

Moga Mogami, of the idol unit, will become a regular cast member of the new New Ultraman Retsuden series, Ultraman Ginga S (to premiere July 15th). She will play the android Wanzero, controlled by the evil alien Chibiru.

The new series is a continuation of last year’s Ultraman Ginga. Sho, played by Kiyotaka Uji (20 years old), will transform into the new hero Ultraman Victory. Wanzero is a mysterious young girl who will contact Sho in order to steal the mysteryous energy crystal “Victorium”. She is emotionless and has very high combat skills. Mogami, who becomes a regular in a series for the first time said, “I was really surprised when I heard I’d be part of a series with such a history as Ultraman. I am not very expressive normally, so people around me said that the part was perfect for me. You will be able to see a different me.”

Producer Tsugumi Kitamura said he had fallen for Mogami’s “Boyish, yet neutral personality” and decided to cast her. Shooting began in late April. She made time for the project among rehearsals for her group’s presentation at Budokan on the 6th and other event attendances. “Besides memorizing the script, I practiced other android-like things, like not blinking.” Mogami, an online game geek, said she liked the long shooting periods in studios because she can concentrate.

As for Dempagumi, they have been appointed Public Information Goodwill Ambassadors for “Culture City of East Asia, Yokohama 2014”. This summer, as part of its activities, an “Art Cafe” will be opened in Yokohama’s Chinatown. Dempagumi is expected to provide support and Mogami added, “We want to have Chinese and Korean artists come to the cafe and the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse and give them a tour of Yokohama.

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