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VIDEO: The Tokusatsu Network Interviews Actor Robert Baldwin


VIDEO: The Tokusatsu Network Interviews Actor Robert Baldwin


Launching the first episode of The Tokusatsu Network on YouTube, Robert Baldwin, who plays Kyoryu Cyan in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, sat down with us for an interview.

The Tokusatsu Network met with Robert Baldwin and asked a few questions about his role on Kyoryuger, as well as his life growing up in Japan, translation work and his other tokusatsu related roles. During the interview, he reveals how he got the role as Kyoryu Cyan and discusses his time on the show, talks about how big of a tokusatsu fan he is and answers fan questions from Twitter. He even states his interest for returning to the role in next year’s adaptation, Power Rangers Dino Charge.

(Note: Please note this interview was recorded before the announcement that Power Rangers would be skipping Go-Busters.)

I've been floating around doing various things in the fandom for the past decade. Now living in Japan, writing news articles and occasionally starring in a show as "Only white guy in the background".



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