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Tsuburaya and Ultraman Team Up for Ultra Hawaii


Tsuburaya and Ultraman Team Up for Ultra Hawaii

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A new tourist campaign featuring various Ultra Series characters celebrated its kickoff on March 6th.

Hawaii Department of Tourism Goodwill Beauty Ambassador, Jessica Michibata, attended the tourism promotion event “Ultra Hawaii”, which took place in Tokyo. This event is done in collaboration with the 48 year old Ultraman series, and Michibata met Ultrman Taro, Ultra Father and Ultra Mother for the first time. “I felt a rush of excitement when meeting them in person. I have a nephew who is a fan and I just had to take a picture with them behind the stage”, she said.

In the campaign videos shown in the offical website, Taro gives his parents a trip to Hawaii to show his gratitude and they all experience Hula dancing in Oahu and play golf in Maui. Alien Baltan and Pigmon, who happened to book a trip there at the same time, join them and give the couple a “Baui Renewal” ceremony in which they reaffirm the love for each other.

When she saw the Ultra family taking Hula classes, Michibata said: “They are one with the scenery. I haven’t danced Hula either. I’d like to take a class and watch the sunset”. Also, she explained the appeal of Hawaii: “I considered myself a Hawaii expert but found out there are many things I don’t know yet. Each island has its particular points and the drastic change in atmospheres is one of the attractive aspects. I want to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to go to Hawaii”.

“Ultra Hawaii” will be held from March 6th to September 30th. Besides the sale of tour packages from 12 different travel agencies, there is a stamp rally taking place in Oahu, Hawaii, Maui and Kauai, with prizes like limited edition figures. Also, from April 1st, 2.5 meters tall Tiga, Zero, Mebius and Ginga standing figures will be set around Oahu.


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