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Tokusatsu TV Ratings [2/12 – 2/16]


Tokusatsu TV Ratings [2/12 – 2/16]


Beginning with this post, The Tokusatsu Network will be updating readers with TV viewership ratings for the current airing tokusatsu shows.

TV ratings are important for showcasing how much of the audience is tuning into your program as it airs live. The ratings are also important for showcasing how often a competing program is beating, tied, or losing to your program in various key demographics. On the rare occasion that a program airs at night, its ratings will typically be lower than those that air in the mornings and daytime. Ratings for the GARO TV shows will rarely crawl above the 2% range due to the time it airs – typically between 1 AM and 3 AM.

In general, a TV rating can be summed up simply as ‘the percent of the total viewing audience at the moment‘ – 4% means 4% of everyone watching TV in a given location, usually Tokyo, is watching said program.

It’s important to note that while The Tokusatsu Network strives to provide accurate and reliable information, ratings for shows not found within the top 10 for various categories are usually not released to the public. This means that the sources used by The Tokusatsu Network, while proving to be reliable in the past, are by no means guaranteed to be accurate and may change without prior notice.

Without further ado, these are the TV ratings for the tokusatsu shows that aired between February 12th and the 16th – due to a change in the way information is released, ratings for these programs are on a one month delay.

Kamen Rider Gaim

  1. Transform! The Orange from the Sky?! – 6.4%
  2. Deadly! Pine Kick! – 5.6%
  3. Impact! The Rival Banana’s Transformation! – 5.0%
  4. Birth! The Tird Grape Rider – 5.2%
  5. Return! Friendship’s Strayberry Arms! – 6.7%
  6. Durian Rider, Appears! – 6.3%
  7. Great Ball Watermelon, Big Bang! – 5.8%
  8. Baron’s New Mango Power – 5.4%
  9. Inves Monster Capture Plan! – 5.4%
  10. Gathering of the Riders! Revealing the Mystery of the Forest! – 6.1%
  11. The Truth Behind the Christmas Game – 4.5%
  12. The New Generation Rider Appears – 3.9%
  13. Gaim, Baron, Friendship Tag Team! – 5.1%
  14. The Secret of Helheim’s Fruits – 5.5%
  15. The Man Who Created the Belts – 4.5%
  16. New Arms! Jinbā Lemon is Born! – 5.7%
  17. Peach Rider, Marika Descends! – 5.8%
    18. Farewell Beat Riders – 4.7%

New Ultraman Retsuden

New Ultraman Retsuden is the second in the Ultraman Retsuden line of shows. Rather than produce an entirely new show, Tsuburaya opted to showcase what they consider to be the best moments from the history of the franchise. The episodes range from clips of various shows strung together around a specific theme to simply reruns of past episodes or even movies.

On occasion, the Retsuden series will showcase miniseries. Ultra Zero Fight was a short show composed of 26 three-minute episodes following Ultraman Zero’s fight against a revived enemy. The current miniseries is Giant Monster Rush, a CGI series following three aliens as they battle monsters on various planets.

Ultraman Ginga is a separate two-season short-run show that is at the same time considered as part of New Ultraman Retsuden’s episode count. Retsuden and Ginga share the same time slot, as such, episodes have been marked to denote when an episode of Ultraman Ginga aired.

  1. Encounter with the Light – 1.9%
  2. A Town Where Stars Fall – 1.1% (Ultraman Ginga)
  3. A Midsummer Night’s Dream – 1.0% (Ultraman Ginga)
  4. The Twin-Headed Flame Beast – 1.4% (Ultraman Ginga)
  5. Ragon’s the Idol – 0.8% (Ultraman Ginga)
  6. The Hater of Dreams – 1.4% (Ultraman Ginga)
  7. The Battle for Dreams – 1.0% (Ultraman Ginga, season 1 finale)
  8. Alien Valkie’s Monster Class! – 1.0%
  9. Special Feature! The Jean Brothers of Steel – 1.1%
  10. Stand Up, Mebius! My Friend’s Feelings – 0.8%
  11. The Suspicious Neighbor! Seven vs Alien Icarus – 1.2%
  12. Revival! The Super Analysis on Tyrant! Part 1 – 0.9%
  13. Revival! The Super Analysis on Tyrant! Part 2 – 1.3%
  14. Burn, Leo! The Lion Eye Shines!! – 1.6%
  15. Spark Doll Theater Monster Research! – 1.3%
  16. Giant Monsters Continue! Battle and Rush! – 1.3%
  17. The Dreaded Tsuiphon Comet! 3 Monsters Roar!! – 1.6%
  18. Ginga and the Ultra Heroes! – A Comparsion of Final Attacks!! – 1.5%
  19. Max, Acknowledge! Seven vs Alien Godola – 1.4%
  20. Mebius and Alien Mates, the Monster Master’s Legacy – 1.0%
  21. The Closed World – 1.7% (Ultraman Ginga)
  22. The Stolen Ginga Spark – 1.2% (Ultraman Ginga)
  23. The Jet Black Ultra Brothers – 1.2% (Ultraman Ginga)
  24. Darkness and Light – 1.8% (Ultraman Ginga)
  25. Your Future – 2.5% (Ultraman Ginga, season 2 finale)
  26. Shine Ginga! Our Battle!! – 1.2%
  27. The Return of the Spark Dolls Theater! – 0.3%
  28. Ultraman vs Antlar! The Blue Stone of Vallarge! – 1.3%
  29. Ultraman Saga Chapter 1 – The Silent Earth – 0.8%
  30. Ultraman Saga Chapter 2 – Zero’s Hardship – 1.3%
  31. Ultraman Saga Chapter 3 – The Cocoon of Fear – 1.5%
  32. Ultraman Saga Chapter 4 – The Hero Revives – 1.7%
    33. Ultraman Saga Chapter 5 – The True Battle – 1.3%

Ressha Sentai ToQger

1. Let’s Go on the Special Express – 3.3%

Source: 2ch

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  1. robin2322

    March 10, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    Ouch for the kamen rider and ultraman franchise and wow super sentai franchise is reaching back to the top

  2. xiiliea

    March 10, 2014 at 5:46 pm

    Kind of disappointed with Tsubuyara that they haven’t produced a new full length show since Mebius.

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