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Koichi Sakamoto Talks Aka x Pink and the End of Kyoryuger


Koichi Sakamoto Talks Aka x Pink and the End of Kyoryuger


Last weekend was the premiere of Kyoryuger’s director, Koichi Sakamoto’s latest movie, Aka x Pink. We caught up with him and asked him about the movie, and his thoughts now that Kyoryuger is over.

Will there be English subtitles on the home release of Aka x Pink, like the Travelers movie last year? 

There may or may not be, it’s depending on international release they’re planning on for the movie, but we’re not 100% if that’s happening.

What was your favorite moment working on Aka x Pink?
I can’t pick just one, I really enjoyed every moment working on every process, from casting, production, filming, action, promotion. I also got to hang around with a lot of pretty girls, getting slapped a few times (laughs). Action, editing, I enjoyed it all. It was a really fun movie to work on.


What do you feel now Kyoryuger has finished?
I feel really sad. I spent a year with the cast and crew and now it’s over. We filmed the 100 Years Later and TOEI HERO Next movie already. The thing with Kyoryuger ending is that we did the HERO Next straight afterwards, so to us, that was the real ending for us. But now, it’s over.

What do you think of ToQger?
Well I’m done now, so now I can step back and watch it as part of the audience. I like it.

Please note the slight crossover spoilers.

They made an appearance in Kyoryuger Vs. Go-Busters, which you directed.
I directed the scene, but Riku Sanjo didn’t write it. The head writer for ToQger was busy at the time, so the producer of the show wrote it, under the supervision of one of the other ToQger writers.

Special thanks to Koichi Sakamoto for taking the time out for this interview. If you have yet to see it, you can view the trailer to Aka x Pink here (slightly NSFW).

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