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Wii U and PS3 Kamen Rider: Battle Ride War 2 Game Details


Wii U and PS3 Kamen Rider: Battle Ride War 2 Game Details


The Tokusatsu Network presents details to the Bandai Namco Games sequel to last year’s action beat’em up Kamen Rider Battle Ride War video game to be released later this summer.

While the first game focused on key moments from the various Heisei Rider television series, Battle Ride War 2 will have missions based on the films.

For the characters returning from the previous game, Wizard’s Gold Infinity and Infinity All Dragon from Wizard In Magic Land will both be playable in some fashion. This will be in addition to OOO’s Super TaToBa, and Fourze’s Meteor Fusion States from Megamax.


There will also be a stage based on W Forever with Gold Extreme being playable. It’s confirmed that Mitsuru Matsuoka will in fact be returning to voice Kamen Rider Eternal. In addition, we have a stage based on the All Riders film with a giant Decade Complete form seemingly playable.

Of course, Kamen Rider Gaim and Baron both made the cut. Baron is confirmed to have Mango arms while Gaim should have everything up to Jimba Lemon Arms.


Like last year’s game, a premium sound version and a standard retail version will be available for purchase.

Kamen Rider Battle Rider War 2 is scheduled to come out June 2013 both for Sony’s Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii U.

However, importers beware– the Nintendo Wii U is region locked and won’t work on consoles purchased outside of Japan. For overseas gamers, the region free PS3 version would be a better suggestion.

Bandai Namco Games aired the following TV spots earlier in February.

Source: Tag Hobby, Kamen Rider Battle Rider War 2 Official SiteHachima Kikō via Anime News Network

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