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Shinji Yamashita is the oldest Sentai Hero in history.


Shinji Yamashita is the oldest Sentai Hero in history.


Actor Shinji Yamashita, age 62, is the oldest hero in Sentai history. He will transform into Kyoryu Silver in the upcoming January 19th episode of TV Asahi’s Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.

Please note any spoilers ahead. 

Shinji Yamashita, age 62, is the oldest hero in Sentai history! He transforms into Kyoryu Silver.

Actor Shinji Yamashita (62), has broken the record of the oldest transforming hero of Sentai history in TV Asahi’s Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. Yamashita plays Dantetsu, the father of KyoryuRed aka Kiryu Daigo (Ryo Ryusei), however, he transforms into KyoryuSilver on Jan 19th’s episode and challenges Red to a father and son battle.

This is the 37th installment in the series and Yamashita transforms into the oldest Sentai hero in history.

Yamashita plays Dantetsu, father of protagonist Daigo. When Daigo unleashes his anger at his father for alinging with the villanous Deboth army, Dantetsu transforms into KyoryuSilver. And a father and son fight between him and Daigo’s KyoryuRed begins.

The last holder of the oldest henshin hero record was Shigeru Chiba (who also narrates the show), transforming into KyoryuViolet during the July 14th episode at age 59. Yamashita is the first sexagenary Sentai hero in the series.

Yamashita is mostly associated with the passionate rugby coach in “School Wars” and as a reporter for the gourmet show “Kuishinbo Banzai!”. “I didn’t know I would transform when first approached so I was really suprised.”, Yamashita says. He also added, happily: “I couldn’t believe it. Then they told me I’d be Silver and everything was clear to me, it was like a Silver Seat (priority senior citizen seat)”. After a year of portraying this key character in the story, Yamashita looked back on his experience: “Each and every time was a lot of fun and the year went by really fast. But the locations were a bit too far away”.

Kyoryuger, which began airing on February 17th of last year, includes the biggest hero roster to date with 10 members. Its toy sales are also an all time high since 2001’s “Hyakuju Sentai Gaoranger”, making it a record breaking series in many aspects.

Regarding the series’ climax with Dantetsu’s transformation and his battle with Daigo, Yamashita says: “There is the final battle between me and my son, Red. What will happen? Don’t miss it!!!”.

Shinji Yamashita. Born in the Yamaguchi prefecture on December 16th 1951. Age 62. After graduating from the Bungakuza Institute, he debuts in the drama “Taiyou ni Hoero!” as detective Jun Godai (aka Sneaker) in 1979. Headed 1984-85 TBS drama “School Wars” to great success. He was the 9th reporter from 1994 to 1997 for FujiTV’s “Kuishinbo Banzai!”.

Source: Yomiuri Online

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