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Next Week On Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 16

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Next Week On Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 16

Gaim 16 Preview1

The harsh momentum from the past few episodes of Kamen Rider Gaim carries on into next week’s Episode 16: New Arms! Jinba Lemon is Born!

Despite the huge advantage of the Dandeliner-backed Kurokage squad, Gaim, Baron and Ryugen barely escaped Yggdrasil HQ. However, that was all foreseen by Professor Ryoma. Why did he let them escape?

Gaim 16 Preview2

Kouta and Mitsuzane visit a recovering Rat and know of Mai’s efforts to stop the Inves Games. However, things end in disarray, leaving Mai feeling dispirited. While taking a walk with Chucky, they witness Inves attacking a jewelry shop. Inves are supposed to only be attracted to Helheim fruit. Why would they target jewels? Mai and Chucky chase after the Inves only to find an unbelievable scene. What will they see?!


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