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Kyoryuger Episodes 47 and 48 Summaries

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Kyoryuger Episodes 47 and 48 Summaries


A summary of the final pair of Kyoryuger episodes have been released. Please be aware of major spoilers up ahead.

To air 2/2,  Episode 47. There are only 5 hours left before Earth’s destruction. The streets are filled with Zorima, leading to general chaos. Then, a flash of light appears before the heroes, followed by Tessai and Ramirez. Tessai makes a revelation about all the events that have taken place so far…

To air 2/9, Last Episode. The last enemy appears before Daigo and Amy inside the Frozen Castle. During the ferocious fight, the Castle rises into space. Daigo has Amy step down and flies into the atmosphere by himself.

Source: Image scan from TV Navi, published January 24th 2014

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