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Gaims Jinba Lemon Arms Explained & New Rider Joins The Show


Gaims Jinba Lemon Arms Explained & New Rider Joins The Show

SdOdUpdA leaked Terebi-kun magazine showcases Kamen Rider Gaim’s new abilities and a brand new Kamen Rider is set to appear.

Powering up with 2 lockseeds! After obtaining a new part called Genesis Core, Gaim is able to set 2 lockseeds into his Sengoku Driver! The Orange lockseed and Lemon Energy lockseed combine and enable him to transform into the powered up Jinba Lemon Arms! Now Gaim can use the Sonic Arrow as well!


Bravo is defeated! This is the super power of Jinba Lemon!

The Sonic Arrow is a powerful weapon that acts both as a sword and as a bow. The so far invincible Bravo doesn’t stand a chance against the Sonic Arrow’s consecutive attacks! To finish, Gaim uses the final attack, Sonic Volley.

The Genesis core makes it possible to set two lockseeds into the Sengoku Driver. Kota received the Genesis Core from DJ Sagara. As to why DJ Sagara, an Yggdrasil Corporation member, gave the Genesis Core to Kota, nobody knows yet.


Victory! Jinba Lemon vs New Generation Riders -The three great battles. Zangetsu Shin, Malika and Duke challenge Gaim now that he has transformed into Jinba Lemon. The Riders, who transform with Energy lockseeds, are formidable opponents.

Vs Malika; She specializes in speedy attacks. Her moves cannot be followed by the eye.

Vs. Zangetsu Shin: The New Generation Riders use Sonic Arrows as weapons, just like Jinba Lemon. The weapon battle with Zangetsu Shin will not be settled quickly.

Vs. Duke: Duke is a powerful warrior. He doesn’t budge even against the simultaneous attack of both Gaim and Baron.


3 big scoops in Gaim!

1. A new vehicle and lockseed found!
The Tulip Hopper is a massively produced machine for the Kurokage squad. It has a lock mode and a vehicle mode.

2. Why?! Mitsuzane has joined Yggdrasil Corporation’s ranks!
Mitsuzane is (supposedly) Kota’s best friend. Has he really become an enemy? There has to be an explanation.

3. Baron Suika Arms born!
In order to respond to the increasingly intense attacks, Baron now can transform into Suika Arms. He’ll smash hordes of enemies in his Yoroi Mode!


A new armored rider, Knuckle, joins the fight! His punches can blow an Inves off its feet. Knuckle transforms with the Kurumi (walnut) lockseed. He’ll fight alongside Baron.

Source: Terebi-Kun (March 2014 issue)

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