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Yuka Murayama Cast in Ultraman Decker


Yuka Murayama Cast in Ultraman Decker

Yuka Murayama in a GUT-Select Jacket holding a gun-shaped weapon

Tsuburaya Productions announced on April 21, 2022 that Yuka Murayama has been cast as Ichika Kirino, a member of Ultraman Decker’s GUTS-Select team.

Yuka Murayama is joining the cast of Ultraman Decker as part of the newly reformed GUTS-Select team. Murayama plays the role of Ichika Kirino, a headstrong ground assault operative in her squad. 

Kirina is bright, optimistic and hot-blooded, which causes her to get into trouble more often than not. She also tends to overthink things, causing the GUTS-Select team captain to describe her as a “headstrong genius.” In combat, she uses her athleticism and small stature to maneuver around the battlefield quickly. Her main goal is the destruction of Sphere, the main antagonist of Ultraman Decker, and the return of peace on Earth. 

“Ichika is headstrong, a passionate girl who can fearlessly stand up to anything. Although sometimes she can be an airhead,” Murayama said. “She cares deeply for her friends, and I think seeing her and the group find their way will bring smiles and courage to you all!”

She continues, “The wonderful team and I are pooling all our efforts for filming! There’s not long to wait until the show stars! Look forward to it!”

Previously, Murayama has starred in commercials and other promotions. 

Source: Tsuburaya Productions

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