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Tsuburaya Announces THE KAIJU STEP Ultraman Plush Collection


Tsuburaya Announces THE KAIJU STEP Ultraman Plush Collection

Tsuburaya has announced a series of Ultraman plush dolls called THE KAIJU STEP, in collaboration with Beast Kingdom.

In collaboration with Beast Kingdom, Tsuburaya has announced a series of plush dolls based on Ultraman characters called THE KAIJU STEP. Two sizes of plush will be avaliable; a smaller 6 inch version with keychain attachment, and a larger 12 inch version. There are four characters included in the collection, avaliable in both sizes: Little Gomo, Little Dada, Little Kane and Little Pigg.

THE KAIJU STEP Series Little Gomo

Try Little Gomo’s tomatoes!

Little Gomo likes growing flowers and vegetables.

He is usually nice, but is scary when he gets mad. He lives underground.

THE KAIJU STEP Series Little Dada

Little Dada wants everyone to say he’s cool!

He loves inventing things and his dream is to build an amazing robot.

THE KAIJU STEP Series Little Kane

“I want to have fun!”

Little Kane is always cheerful and loves to play. He loves shiny things.

THE KAIJU STEP Series Little Pigg

“I want to be friends with everyone!”

Although Little Pigg cries sometimes, he is a friendly kaiju. He loves balloons.

The plush collection will release in the first quarter of 2022. They can be pre-ordered from Beast Kingdom.

Source: Tsuburaya Productions Global

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