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Local Hero Festival 2021 Overview


Local Hero Festival 2021 Overview

Local Hero Festival 2021 will be held in Chiba from November 20-21 featuring various tokusatsu-inspired heroes from all across Japan.

Event Trailer

From November 20-21, Japan Local Hero Festival will be held once again in Chiba prefecture. 63 local heroes from all over the country will gather at the festival to greet fans and to give stage performances.

Festival events on Saturday, November 20 will be held at Ario Soga and will be free to attend.

Festival events on Sunday, November 21 will be held at Festival Walkway Soga. There is a paid-seating area, and tickets are sold through Livepocket.

While most heroes will be in attendance on Sunday, November 21 to greet fans and sell merchandise during other heroes’ performances, some will also be present on Saturday for greetings and stage shows.

A list of attending heroes and their activities/involvement during the festival have been compiled in a spreadsheet for easier viewing.

Schedule of Events

Saturday, November 20

[wptb id=91735]

Sunday November 21

[wptb id=91737]

Attending Heroes

The following heroes will appear on stage for performances during this weekend. (Some may also be present a second day for greetings.)

[wptb id=91729]

The following heroes will only appear on Sunday, November 21 to greet fans and visitors.

[wptb id=91821]

Source: Local Hero Festival Homepage

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