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Kamen Rider Zero One Series and REALxTIME Coming to TokuSHOUTsu in January


Kamen Rider Zero One Series and REALxTIME Coming to TokuSHOUTsu in January

In case you missed it, TokuSHOUTsu confirmed on Twitter that Kamen Rider Zero-One and the REALxTIME movie will be streaming with English subtitles in January 2022.

A recent Twitter post from tokusatsu streaming service and Pluto TV channel TokuSHOUTsu has confirmed the launch window for Kamen Rider Zero-One with English subtitles. Additionally, TokuSHOUTsu also announced the U.S. premiere of Kamen Rider Zero-One the Movie: REALxTIME which will join its parent series on TokuSHOUTsu this January.

In the original Twitter post, TokuSHOUTsu announced a collaboration with Bluefin’s Team Kamen Rider to host a panel and Q&A session at Comic Con Special Edition on Saturday, November 27th at 6:30pm. There, fans attending the event will be able to join the U.S. premiere of Kamen Rider Zero-One the Movie: REALxTIME. The image attached to the post promises additional “special guests.”

A follow-up tweet confirms that both REALxTIME and the main Kamen Rider Zero-One TV series will be streaming via TokuSHOUTsu in January. No specific date has been announced. Previously, Kamen Rider Zero-One‘s upcoming release had been announced alongside confirmation of both a localized physical release and Kamen Rider Ryuki‘s TokuSHOUTsu debut. Currently, no information regarding either the Zero-One physical release or the upcoming release of Kamen Rider Ryuki has been provided.

Fans attending Comic Con Special Edition in San Diego can attend the U.S. premiere of Kamen Rider Zero-One the Movie: REALxTIME as part of Team Kamen Rider’s panel on November 27th at 6:30pm. The movie and the Kamen Rider Zero-One series will be available to stream on TokuSHOUTsu via either Shout! Factory or Pluto TV channel 848 in January 2022. TokuSHOUTsu’s previous offerings have also been available on Tubi TV and VRV as VRV Selects titles.

Source: TokuSHOUTsu via Twitter

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