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DX Demons Driver Announced


DX Demons Driver Announced

Kamen Rider Demons posing next to the DX Demons Driver and Spider Vistamp

Premium Bandai announced on October 17, 2021 the release of the DX Demons Driver from Kamen Rider Revice

~Deal! Decide Up! Deep, Drop, Danger, Kamen Rider Demons!~

Unveiled in episode 7 of Kamen Rider Revice, the Demons Driver allows its user to transform into Kamen Rider Demons. Less than a day after the Demons Driver’s debut usage by Hiromi Kadota (played by Junya Komatsu) Premium Bandai released a listing for a version of the driver in their DX line of products. 

The Driver costs 11,000 Yen and will begin shipping to customers in February 2022. The Spider Vistamp is also included with the driver, which is used in Revice to change the user into the spider-themed base form for Demons.

EDIT: A second wave of preorders has opened on Premium Bandai and is scheduled to ship in March 2022.

The DX Demons Driver is compatible with other Vistamps from the DX line of toys. The driver includes two Vistamp Holders that attach to the driver. 

The display on the DX Demons Driver is made of 64 LED lights that shine in different patterns and colors for the transformation sequence and finishing moves. The belt also plays sounds from an internal speaker during these scenarios.

A diagram showing the finisher and how to activate it

The DX Demons Driver will not be sold outside of Japan. Overseas fans can use From Japan to purchase exclusive tokusatsu merchandise. Click here for our guide to using From Japan.

Source: Premium Bandai

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