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Nashiko Momotsuki, Angela Mei, and Hikari Kuroki Team Up for “Tokusatsu Beauties” in Weekly Playboy

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Nashiko Momotsuki, Angela Mei, and Hikari Kuroki Team Up for “Tokusatsu Beauties” in Weekly Playboy

The three tokusatsu actresses belong to the entertainment agency Zeroichi Familia.

The three appeared on the cover of Weekly PlayBoy No. 14 which was released on March 22. The theme of the photoshoot was “Tokusatsu Co-Stars” and featured swimsuit photos called “Beautiful women and Dreams.”

Nashiko Momotsuki is known for her role as Yodonna on Mashin Sentai Kiramager, while Angela Mei is currently in Kamen Rider Saber as Reika Shindai. Hikari Kuroki played genius scientist Yuka Ohta in Ultraman Z.

Kuroki commented, “It’s a dream to be able to shoot with Kiramager, Ultraman Z, and Kamen Rider! Since we are close friends, it was a lot of fun because everyone was doing things at their own pace during the shoot.”

Momotsuki commented, “It was a fun and quick shoot. I hope we can convery the fun of that photoshoot. As the name “BLACK & WHITE” suggests, I wore various black and white outfits, but I’ve never worn a completely white swimsuit, so it was a new experience.”

The three were also asked about their thoughts on their respective series.

Momotsuki commented, ” I felt a lot of pressure because I would be playing a female villain long term. I was worried if tokusatsu fans would accept it, but when I did it, various people loved Yodonna. [My character’s] fate was disappointing but I’m very moved by that ending. I still cry when I see that scene. It’s the first time I’ve looked at my performance objectively. I was sad because I cried when I was on there but it left an impression on me.”

Kuroki commented, “When I was shooting the final episode, there was a part where I was finally released from the length of my dialogue. (laugh) I was a genius scientist in my role, but I didn’t graduate high school, so I’ll do my best to study so I don’t tarnish the image of the genius scientist.”

Angela commented, “I play a villain-like girl who is often said to be disliked, but when I transformed into Kamen Rider Sabera, people said ‘cool design’ and ‘I like it’ on Twitter. Reika’s older brother, Ryouga will appear on the 28th episode, while Reika’s feelings of humanity are changing constantly. Please see how he is involved in the story and what justice is.”

Source: Mantan Web

Ashton is a medical professional that makes tokusatsu videos in his spare time, and has an intense love for tokusatsu, gaming, and curry.

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