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Haruka Tateishi Talks About Her Audition Process For Zyuohger

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Haruka Tateishi Talks About Her Audition Process For Zyuohger

Haruka Tateishi, who portrayed Amu on Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, looks back on her life and talks about the audition process.

Tateishi goes through memory lane in her recent entry on Instagram:

Looking back, I managed to get into Hirata Office (Tateishi’s Talent Agency). While I was still taking weekly lessons, I was contacted for an audition for Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger. It was actually my very first audition I have ever taken after entering Hirata Office.

I wasn’t expecting to get any audition at all, but I checked out a number of previous Sentai series. Then I went off to my audition.

I remember being surprised when I received a call a few days later saying that I had passed because I felt sad knowing I wasn’t able to apply what I had learned from my lessons.

Shortly after, I went straight to fitting. I also borrowed the series Shinkenger from my office. My senior from the agency, Shogo Suzuki (retired), actually appeared in that series. I remember watching the show and it broadened my horizons.

The time between my audition and filming were very short. I also cut my hair that I was growing out for the role. It was a nice change of pace.

I considered commuting to the studios from my home however but the entire commute would have taken two hours long. The commute to and from would probably take up 80 hours of my life in a month so I decided to move to a place closer to the studio.

I was very worried about finances and my health, but I somehow managed to concentrate on filming. Everything may have worked.

Source: Instagram

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