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Mascot Character Sherbert Visits Tokusatsu Action Studio AAC Stunts


Mascot Character Sherbert Visits Tokusatsu Action Studio AAC Stunts

The action studio known for their work in various tokusatsu shows and movies gives this mascot hero a run through their stunt training.

The YouTube channel Sherbert Shenanigans premiered a video on Saturday featuring the titular mascot character Sherbert making a visit to AAC Stunts, an action and stunt training gym whose actors have been featured in a large library of tokusatsu films and TV shows, including Kamen Rider The First, GARO: Gold Storm Sho, Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger, and the Power Rangers franchise.

The video features a tour of the studio and stunt work hosted by action director Makoto Yokoyama, who worked on such films as Yo-Yo Girl Cop, Tokyo Ghoul, and the TV series Cutie Honey The Live. It also features Ultraman Tiga stunt actor Hirosawa Toshi in the Sherbert suit, performing all of his stunts throughout the video. Sherbert is voiced during the final action sequence by renown voice actor Kappei Yamaguchi, whose voice can be heard in a wide range of anime, but also as the voice of Ticket from Ressha Sentai ToQger and Artemis in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, among other tokusatsu appearances.

Sherbert learns a variety of stunt techniques in his visit to AAC Stunts, including high kicks, roundhouse kicks, parkour, trampoline jumps, and wire work, which all combine at the end for a fun and complete action sequence. One featured villain in the episode is voiced by actor Kousuke Takaguchi, who can also be heard as Muscular in My Hero Academia, and Kingugon of the Bigfoot in Tensou Sentai Goseiger.

Sherbert is described as an original mascot character who is from an alternate Earth called Lylasia. He’s a mix of rabbit, deer and dragon, and is fascinated with the human world. An upcoming anime titled Magical Beast Sherbert is currently in production by animation studio ZEXCS, previously known for their work on such titles as Da Capo, Lady Jewelpet, and the upcoming Bakuten!!

Sherberts’ Productions tells us,

“Since Sherbert first originated as a costume character on YouTube, we wanted to continue that effort by creating a new series that lets Sherbert experience different jobs, but specifically ones he’s seen on TV in Japan. So in our first episode, he tries being a Japanese TV action hero, like Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. He’ll be taking on a sumo wrestler in a future episode, and we’re looking to film another 8-10 episodes. It’s going to be really insane! … It’s really a unique opportunity to show Sherbert’s character, and his adventures are both humorous and spectacular!”

Sources: Anime News Network, Sherbert Shenanigans

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