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Kamen Rider Zero-One Others Spin-Off Announced


Kamen Rider Zero-One Others Spin-Off Announced

A V-Cinect movie featuring the members of Metsuboujinrai was announced.

The spin-off titled Zero-One Others (stylized as 01hers) Kamen Rider Metsuboujinrai will be released in theaters on March 26, 2021 for a limited time. The DVD and Blu-Ray sales will go on sale on July 14, 2021.

The movie takes place after the events of the movie Kamen Rider Zero-One: REALxTIME. Shuya Sunagawa (Horobi), Daisuke Nakagawa (Jin), Daichi Yamaguchi (Ikazuchi), and Satsuki Nakayama (Naki) will be reprising their roles. Yuya Takahashi will be writing the filme while Masaya Kakehi will be Directing. Both have previously worked on Kamen Rider Zero-One. The movie has a runtime of 55 minutes.

Like many of the previous V-Cinemas in the past, many of the home releases will have special items sold along with the film. The Advanced Purchase Blu-Ray and DVD Set: 6,500 Yen plus tax. It goes on Sale on the Movie Release Date. Contains a post card.

The DX Mass Brain Zetsumeirise Key and Metsuboujinrai Driver Unit Set Version:

DVD Version: 11,500 Yen plus tax

Blu-Ray Version: 12,500 Yen plus tax

Both versions will come with the DX Mass Brain Zetsumeirise Key and Metsuboujinrai Driver Unit.

Source: Toei

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