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Suit Creators of Kamen Rider Zero-One’s Hell Rising Hopper Form Discuss Its Development


Suit Creators of Kamen Rider Zero-One’s Hell Rising Hopper Form Discuss Its Development

The creators behind Kamen Rider Zero-One‘s movie exclusive form go into detail behind its development.

In the film, Kamen Rider Zero-One: REALxTIME, the main character Aruto obtains a form with the word “Hell.” The Chief Producer Takahiro Ohmori, Product Planner Mitsutaka Inoue (Bandai), and Takato Yamashita (PLEX) go into detail about the form. PLEX is the company that designs a lot of the Kamen Rider suits.

Hell Rising Hopper is a form created to stand opposite of the main antagonist of the film, Kamen Rider Eden – but Kamen Rider Zero-Two’s existence is just as big. Zero-Two is the ultimate form that can make the first move, predicting all of the enemy’s attack pattern.

According to Ohmori, Zero-Two at the time was the strongest form.

The Rider design process in the TV show and film were very different. According to Yamashita, the design was based off of the impression of what they are told happens in the film. Ohmori then added:

Unlike the TV series, the design ran in parallel with what happens in the film. As for Hell Rising Hopper, we actually had talks about maybe creating a Rider that would end the world. Which is why there’s an image of the world in the form’s chest.

Yamashita from PLEX was pleased to hear that the suit actor, Yuya Nawata, loved the suit’s color. He said:

In Aruto’s case, transforming into Hell Rising Hopper was very intense for him and we designed him based on that: The shape of its mouth has a teeth crusher. The eyes are white with bloodshot on its sides, emphasizing the gravity of what is at stake.

The form really does scream “Hell.” Speaking of negative energy, the design was also inspired by Ark-One, when Aruto was consumed with revenge. According to Ohmori, the movie form was revealed before the final episode even aired and that they had already decided that Aruto would succumb to malice.

Strangely enough, the conflict of the protagonist was made when there was a delay in the filming due to the Coronavirus. However, the negative energy between Ark-One and Hell Rising Hopper is driven by different motives. This time, the key to this form is self-sacrifice.

Without giving it away, the power of Hell Rising Hopper isn’t evil energy used to fight an enemy, but it’s created by using the power of the enemy in order to protect the world. Therefore, it’s completely different than Ark-One.

Source: Cinema Today

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