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Tokusatsu Filming Location Harumi Wharf To Be Demolished


Tokusatsu Filming Location Harumi Wharf To Be Demolished

The popular tokusatsu filming location, Harumi Wharf, will be deconstructed next year. 

On November 11, it was announced that the boating terminal and pier, Harumi Wharf, will be demolished shortly after the 2021 Tokyo Olympics wraps up next year. The reason listed for the destruction of the notable landmark was aging, as officials mentioned the pier was truly showing 30 years of wear.

Harumi Wharf was first built in 1991 as the Harumi Passenger Terminal. Ships would dock there all throughout the year, and passengers got to see the nearby Rainbow Bridge, as well as a far off view of Tokyo Tower. In 2019, tall residence dorms were built in close proximity to Harumi Wharf, specifically intended for the incoming Olympic athletes.

The location was used often as the setting for scenes in tokusatsu TV shows and films. The unmistakable backdrop can be found in multiple Super Sentai and Kamen Rider seasons such as MagirangerGoBusters, Kamen Rider Kuuga, Kamen Rider Ex-AID, and many others. It has also been featured in Ultraman Orb and Special Rescue Exceedraft. 

There is currently no set date or time frame for the demolition, only that it will begin after the Olympics, due to the Olympic Villages being nearby.

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Source: Nikkei

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