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Details on the Updated DX Kaenken Rekka

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Details on the Updated DX Kaenken Rekka

As it continues to accept pre-orders, details emerge for this premium version of Kamen Rider Saber‘s main transformation sword. 

DX Kaenken Rekka (Sound Update Version)

This version of the Kaenken Rekka features the addition of a micro SD card slot. Using the included micro SD card, and its dedicated SD card adapter, new lines of character dialogue can be added to the sword for added play value.

This is presented as a “Memorial item” – DX items released after the show’s end – but one that can be enjoyed during the show’s run. Memorial items refers to things such the DX Memorial Progrise Key Sets, which contain character dialogue and improved transformation sounds to match the show. Bandai refers to this as an unprecedented way to enjoy the roleplay toys during the show’s run, downloading clips relating to the latest episode when it airs.

In addition to the SD card, the price of the product includes the costs associated with the dozens of updates in the coming future. Dialogue has become available on a download page as of November 20th – it is a compilation of quotes previously uploaded to the production blog after every episode.

Bandai compares this approach to another Bandai property, Yo-kai Watch, but notes a difference; Whereas Yo-kai Watch used this to expand the amount of collectibles, Kamen Rider Saber will be using it for character dialogue.

The Kaenken Rekka emblem included has been given metallic red paint on the flame portion to better resemble the show prop. According to the Bandai blog, the emblems for Kamen Rider Blades and Kamen Rider Espada can be used to play their dialogue.

In addition, a giveaway was held on Bandai’s Twitter account for an early chance to grab this item. Priced at 8.800 Yen, pre-orders are still ongoing until December 25th, with a release date of March 2021.

Source: Premium Bandai,

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