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Ultraman Taro Coming to Blu-Ray and Digital in North America


Ultraman Taro Coming to Blu-Ray and Digital in North America

Mill Creek Entertainment has announced its upcoming North American Ultraman Taro release, including a steelbook bundle.

The sixth entry in the Ultra franchise, Ultraman Taro, is coming to Blu-ray and digital in its North American debut courtesy of Mill Creek Entertainment. This release will include a standard package and a special steelbook bundle. Both packages will include all 53 episodes on six discs and a digital option that can be redeemed via movieSPREE. English subtitles will also be included.

As described on Mill Creek Entertainment’s website:

ULTRAMAN TARO is the sixth entry in the Ultraman series, premiering in Japan in April 1973. After being scouted to the Earth defense team ZAT (Zariba of All Territory), young boxer Kotaro Higashi is severely injured during a Kaiju attack. At the chasm between life and death, Mother of Ultra appeared and saved Kotaro by merging his life with a young Ultra Hero, thus giving birth to the sixth Ultra Brother… Ultraman Taro!”

The Ultraman Taro Complete Series Limited Edition Steelbook release will be available at a suggested retail price of $55.99 USD while the standard release will cost $45.99 USD. The sets are available for pre-order on Mill Creek’s website and Amazon. Both sets will release on January 12th, 2021.

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