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Kamen Rider Gaim Ongoing News Event Announced


Kamen Rider Gaim Ongoing News Event Announced

Toei and Bandai have begun celebrating Kamen Rider Gaim with the unveiling of a commemorative site, a teaser for future CSM content, and an associated campaign.

Bandai’s Complete Selection Modification line, which aims to provide adult-sized replicas of the transformation belts, has teased a new Sengoku Driver release for Kamen Rider Gaim. To commemorate the release, as well as the new Gaim Gaiden production coming to the Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club, there will be several new Kamen Rider Gaim content reveals in what is known as the Gaim Festival. This includes a website dedicated to tracking the news.

For now, a teaser has been shown for CSM’s releases, with the name CSM Project Ark, a name that comes from the show. The official reveal for comes October 25th. The reason for the name Project Ark is because Bandai aims to make this a long-term initiative to create multiple CSM products over time.

On Bandai’s DX toy blog, they elaborate further, explaining that a complete set release style – such as the CSM OOO Driver Complete Set – would be too expensive when the DX Lockseeds previously went for 1,500 Yen apiece during the show’s run. As they put it, there are just too many Lockseeds to do a single release.

There is a lottery campaign available to people on Twitter. Following the Kamen Rider Toy Web official account, and retweeting a specific tweet, would get 10 randomly selected individuals a 1,000 yen coupon for purchasing the Complete Selection Modification release of the Sengoku Driver. The campaign runs until the end of October 20th.

In addition to products, the Kamen Rider Zukan has updated to include Kamen Rider Gaim. Starting 2018, the Kamen Rider Zukan site is an elaborate documentation of every Rider series, providing photos and profiles for every Rider, form, character, monster, and item. Gaim is just the latest in its ongoing updates.

Further updates on the Gaim Festival will be provided as they come up.

Source: The Gaim Festival, Bandai

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