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New Ultraman and Kamen Rider Figure-rise Standard Releases Announced


New Ultraman and Kamen Rider Figure-rise Standard Releases Announced

Two new Figure-rise Standard releases have been announced for November and December: Ultraman Suit Darklops Zero and Kamen Rider Decade.

Two new action figures in the Figure-rise Standard series have been announced for this Fall season. Ultraman Suit Darklops Zero and Kamen Rider Decade will release in November and December, respectively.

Ultraman Suit Darklops Zero will come with a lance weapon, two types of each hand, the Figure-rise Effect pedestal, two stickers, and a built-in LED. Another LED unit sold separately can be put into Darklops Zero’s chest.

Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Darklops Zero will be available in November for 3,740 yen.

Kamen Rider Decade, the destroyer of worlds, will come with many parts for versatility. In addition to having the ability to have its helmet split into the parts seen during Tsukasa Kadoya’s transformation sequence, this figure will come with 26 types of Rider cards, and both the DecaDriver and Neo DecaDriver. Both belts will also be compatible with included adapters for use with other Figure-rise Standard Kamen Riders.

A Ride Booker accessory is also included which can be used in sword, gun, and carrying forms. Finally, the figure will come with 6 hand types in addition to the Figure-Ride Effect pedestal and two seals.

Figure-Rise Standard Kamen Rider Decade will be available in December for 3,520 yen.

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