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July 2020 Gashapon World Releases Announced


July 2020 Gashapon World Releases Announced

Gashapon World has announced the new list of merchandise set for release for the month of July 2020.

The list of Gashapon World merchandise for July 2020 has been announced. First off is the third set of special metallic version Capchara Rider figurines. This third set features five Kamen Rider figurines, including Kamen Rider Zero-One (Rising Hopper), Kamen Rider Zero-One Shining Assault Hopper, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Kamen Rider Faiz, and Kamen Rider Ghost. This set will release in the second week of July 2020 for 400 yen.

The next set in this month’s set of releases includes the third set of Mashin Sentai Kiramager swing keychains. This keychain set includes Kirama Red, Kirama Silver, Mashin Fire, Mashin Gattai Kiramaizin, and Substitute N. This third set of swing keychains is set to release in the third week of July 2020 for 200 yen.

Last on this month’s list of releases is the third set of Gashapon World Mashin figures. This set includes Super Heavy Mashin Drijan, Mashin Shovellow, Mashin Duston, Mashin Magellan, Mashin Henkei Gigant Driller. This set will be released in the third week of July 2020 for 300 yen.


Source: Gashapon World

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