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SO-DO Kamen Rider Zero-One: AI 06 Released


SO-DO Kamen Rider Zero-One: AI 06 Released

The latest wave of Kamen Rider Zero-One‘s candy toy figure line has recently been released.

SO-DO Kamen Rider Zero-One: AI 06 Feat. SO-DO Kamen Rider Zi-O

The seventh wave in SO-DO’s Kamen Rider Zero-One line has been released, after a delay brought on the current pandemic. SO-DO’s release format involves splitting a figure into two boxes, one with a body and the other with armor/accessories; As of Kamen Rider Zero-One the Complete Set boxes include everything needed to display every figure, accounting for repeated Zero-One bodies in the earlier waves.

The main attraction is Zero-One’s currently strongest form, MetalCluster Hopper, which comes with the Progrise Hopper Blade. Also included is Kamen Rider 001, Zero-One’s form seen in the Reiwa The First Generation movie. 001 comes with a reissue of the Attache Calibur.

Also included in this wave is the Trilobite Magia, marking the first non-Rider figure in Zero-One‘s line so far – it was added in response to customer feedback in the SO-DO survey.

This is the second wave to feature addendum figures for the Kamen Rider Zi-O line, this wave featuring Kamen Rider Zonjis from Kamen Rider Zi-O The Movie: Over Quartzer. The armor set includes optional cloakless armor parts, as well as an opening chestplate, to replicate a fight scene from the movie. The armor set also includes weapons and a display stand for the Trilobite Magia.

Price: 400 Yen apiece, 3,080 Yen for Complete Set

Source: Premium Bandai

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