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Tamashii Nations Announces New Collectibles For Toei’s Spider-Man


Tamashii Nations Announces New Collectibles For Toei’s Spider-Man

Bandai to produce new figures of the “Emissary of Hell” Spider-Man and his mighty robot, Leopardon.

42 years after it hit televisions across Japan, SH Figuarts has announced their release of a new figure based on Toei’s tokusatsu rendition of Spider-Man. The dynamic poses that Spider-Man is known for in the series are all able to be recreated with this 150mm tall figure. Spider-Man comes with 2 headpieces, 5 left hands, 6 right hands, additional feet, spider strings of different lengths including a spider net, as well as the ability to open and close the Spider Bracelet on his arm. The figure is set for an August release and will retail for 7,150 yen.

To round out his arsenal, the Tamashii Nations’ Soul of Chogokin line will be releasing the GX-33 Leopardon & Marveler Summoning Set. The set comes with, for the first time ever, a role-play sized Spider Bracelet, complete with lights, music and voice lines from the show and runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included). The die-cast Marveler comes with a miniature Spider-Man and Spider Machine GP-07 and can fully transform into Leopardon. As Leopardon, the robot comes equipped with the Sword Viker and Shield and can perform a rocket punch with both detachable fists. The GX-33 Leopardon & Marveler Summoning Set will retail for 22,000 yen for a September release.

Airing in 1978, Toei’s take on Spider-Man, referred to by some as Japanese Spider-Man, ran for 41 episodes and differed greatly from the American counterpart of the character. This version followed the adventures of Takuya Yamashiro, a motorcycle racer on a quest for revenge who has the advantage of the Spider Machine GP-07 vehicle and the giant robot Leopardon, whose inclusion and reception in the series directly inspired the usage of giant robots in the Super Sentai franchise.

Source: Tamashii Nations Website

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