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Premium Bandai Reveals Kamen Rider W Fountain Pen


Premium Bandai Reveals Kamen Rider W Fountain Pen

Premium Bandai has announced the newest addition to its collection of Kamen Rider-themed fountain pens.

Premium Bandai has revealed their new Kamen Rider W-themed fountain pens. The pens feature a Cyclone/Joker Gaia Memory motif from the television show. The fountains pens tips are made from a stainless steel black IP finish. Each pen is 17 mm in width and 134 mm in height. In addition, the fountain pens come with 2 black ink cartridges upon delivery.

The Kamen Rider W Fountain Pens cost 17,930 yen. The pens are expected to ship in July of 2020.

Source: Premium Bandai

Correction: the lede mentioned the pens being ballpoint when they are fountain pens.

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