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History and Appeal of Complete Selection Modification


History and Appeal of Complete Selection Modification

The Complete Selection Modification series revealed an updated Double Driver for Kamen Rider W, and pre-orders sold out on the same day. One of the developer for CSM talks about the line’s appeal with adult fans, both local and overseas, with hints towards the future.

Mantan Web reports that when pre-orders opened for the new CSM Double Driver, it was sold out on the same day. They spoke with Funasen, who develops the CSM line, who explains the popularity.

The Heisei Kamen Rider series has been popular with its target child audience, but also has an adult audience, as far back as Kamen Rider Kuuga in 2000 – according to Funasen, most of the CSM buyers are adult men, with around 10% being adult women, though this ratio varies depending on the product.

The Heisei Kamen Rider series also has a strong fandom not only in Japan but also overseas, which they are aware of – the thought process behind CSM was to develop toys with the overseas fandom in mind.

Toys have been purchased overseas since then. CSM was also meant to be a brand for the global market – the first CSM Double Driver was created in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, we also received simultaneous orders from South Korea, and the boxes and instruction manuals were available in multiple languages.

Speaking on the details and functions, CSM is made for adults in the sense that the belt straps accommodate larger waists even without extension belt parts. The detailing and functions are also developed with the idea of getting closer to the real thing.

Speaking on the proportions Funasen explained:

The toys are generally replicating a drawn image, but some of the previous series entries differ in terms of size and design when comparing the DX toy to the show prop, so CSM looks to the prop for its design data.

It’s challenging, a nuanced analysis of curved surfaces. Some props and DX toys are almost identical, but even then we still remodel some things, and give them gorgeous painting and so on, to pursue details that satisfy the adults.

Not only that, but with the development of technology, we can add further value by including a gimmick that couldn’t be included in the DX series at the time. During product development, even if the appearance has been decided, not all gimmicks can be easily accommodated, so that part can be adjusted…

CSM aims to replicate the show with its gimmicks, and various new functions have been added to make that work. These include improved lights and sounds, new voice recordings from its voice actor, and dialogue recorded by character actors. The CSM Delta Gear from Kamen Rider 555 features CSM’s first use of voice recognition technology.

The concept of CSM is to reconstruct the DX series in a broad sense – we have expanded the scope and increased functions as much as possible.

Finally, he comments on the Henshin Complete Selection Modification Exhibition Vol.1 which will be held on December 7th-8th:

They are not just lined up like a catalog – we want to show you the worlds of these products as well.

The exhibition will be about showing off the history of the CSM products, with each one on display. The latest CSM product is scheduled to be revealed the day before the event, and will be on display as well. Not only that, they will show off the kind behind-the-scenes production that goes into Rider toys, such as drawings and molds, using Kamen Rider Zi-O‘s DX Ziku-Driver as the example.

Most importantly, “The Future of Transformation Belts” will show a concept for a transformation belt toy that has never been seen before, using the latest technology. It is described as a glimpse at not only the history of CSM’s ongoing challenges, but also a look at future challenges.

Source: Mantan Web

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