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TokuNet Podcast #48 – Heisei Rider Retrospective: Part 3


TokuNet Podcast #48 – Heisei Rider Retrospective: Part 3

The TokuNet crew talks about Heisei Kamen Rider Phase 2 starting with Ghost to Zi-O in podcast episode 48, Heisei Rider Retrospective: Part 3.

The team looks back at newer seasons of Heisei Kamen Rider Phase 2 and discusses Kamen Rider Ghost until the last Heisei Rider Kamen Rider Zi-O. Spoiler Warning for all of the shows discussed in this episode.

Timestamps for each season:

00:03:20: Kamen Rider Ghost
00:51:12: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
01:41:42: Kamen Rider Build
02:24:33: Kamen Rider Zi-O


Podcast Editor: HenshinKitty

Podcast Feature Art by Travis Butts

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rider X

    November 14, 2019 at 1:38 pm

    Kazumin’s thing with Misora is actually given more context when he brings up that her shows were something him and his friends watched when they were goofing off during breaks at their farm. So her shows were treasured memories of his time with the friends he lost.

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