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Aozakura: The Story of the National Defense Academy Drama Begins Airing

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Aozakura: The Story of the National Defense Academy Drama Begins Airing

 Japanese drama about defense academy students set to star several tokusatsu alumni. 

This week, a new drama entitled Aozakura: The Story of National Defense Academy began airing in Japan on October 31. Based on the serialized manga shown in Weekly Shounen Sunday by Hikaru Nikaido, the drama tells the story of the youth who enroll in the National Defense Academy. The plot focuses on the main character of Yumi Kondo who enrolls in the National Defense Academy having been exempted from enrollment and tuition fees due to economic circumstances. His character will experience joy and pain while growing alongside his friends as they work to achieve various goals throughout the show.

A follow up film to the series has already been given the go ahead and will feature the same cast as the drama, which stars Kanata Hongo (Kingdom) as Kondo, Kousei Yuki, Ren Ozawa, Ryo Kozono, Tatsuya Isaka, Kento Kano, and Shota Takasaki. Yuki is best known for their role as Keiichiro Asaka/ Patren #1(PatrenIchigo) in last year’s Lupinranger vs Patranger. Ozawa is best known for their role in Kamen Rider Gaim as Rat, a member of Team Gaim. Isaka is best known for their role in Genseishin Justirisers as Riser Glen.

Source: MantanWeb

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