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Takamasa Suga and Chihiro Yamamoto Seen in New GENIN Trailers

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Takamasa Suga and Chihiro Yamamoto Seen in New GENIN Trailers

Kamen Rider Ryuki actor Takamasa Suga will be playing the antagonist of the upcoming GENIN movies.

As the release date for the first of two upcoming GENIN movies draws near, new trailers for GENIN: Red Shadow and GENIN: Blue Shadow have revealed that the antagonist opposing Kousei Yuki (known to Super Sentai fans as Keiichiro Asaka/Patren 1gou) will be played by none other than Takamasa Suga. This actor is known for playing the titular hero of Kamen Rider Ryuki, Shinji Kido, as well as his own evil counterpart, Kamen Rider Ryuga. Team TokuNet recently reported fellow Kamen Rider Ryuki veteran actor Kanji Tsuda (Daisuke Okubo, chief editor of ORE Journal) as well as Kamen Rider Build‘s Taro Nakatani (Masuzawa) will appear in the films alongside Suga.

The trailer also revealed that Chihiro Yamamoto (best known for Ultraman Geed‘s Laiha Toba) will appear in the film. With GENIN: Red Shadow, being mere days from release, its cast of popular veteran tokusatsu actors has seemingly grown even larger which fans of Super Sentai and Kamen Rider may see as a compelling reason to see the film.

GENIN: Red Shadow releases in Japanese theaters on October 4th, and GENIN: Blue Shadow will follow it up on November 15th.

Source: GENIN Official Website

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