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TokuNet Asks: Your Favorite Tokusatsu Franchise


TokuNet Asks: Your Favorite Tokusatsu Franchise

As the tokusatsu genre grows in new ways, we ask fans to vote on their favorite tokusatsu franchise in our newest TokuNet Asks poll.

During the long  history of tokusatsu productions, fans from all over the world celebrated their favorite franchises over the years. Super hero tokusatsu franchises such as Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and the Ultra Series are viewed by thousands of fans from every age to this day. Kaiju franchises such as Godzilla and Gamera have significant cultural history in Japan and America. Production companies such as Toei, Toho, and Tsuburaya have created countless of series beloved by fans of their time such as the Toei Fushigi Comedy Series, the Metal Hero genre, Chouseishin, and more. As tokusatsu became prominent, the genre spread to other countries with franchises such as Power Rangers, Armor Hero, and many others.

We ask fans to vote on their favorite tokusatsu franchise. Not all franchises are included in this list for sake of brevity. Results will be shared on social media afterward.

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