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Ultraman Taiga Cast Revealed


Ultraman Taiga Cast Revealed

New information on the characters have been revealed for the upcoming Ultra series, Ultraman Taiga.

Earlier this week, Tsuburaya Productions updated their website with information on the cast and characters for their upcoming installment in the Ultra franchise, Ultraman Taiga. The newly announced cast will join the recently announced protagonist of the series, Hiroyuki Kudo, played by Yusuke Inoue. Kudo will be part of the private security organization known as Enterprise of Guard and Investigation Service, or E.G.I.S., where most of the new characters are employed and are tasked with dealing with aliens secretly emigrating to Earth.


Sasaki Kana, played by Chiharu Niiyama (DekaGold in Dekaranger)
The woman who created E.G.I.S., 38 years old. She’s very serious when it comes to E.G.I.S. In the past she was a member of the police’s Foreign Affairs Section X, which dealt with aliens. She resigned from Section X and launched E.G.I.S. in the wake of a certain case. She likes to play dumb, but she’s actually very astute and always has a close eye on her team members.
Homare Soya, played by Ryotaro
Hiroyuki’s senior, 25 years old. He has a strong sense of justice but is a bit reckless in how he deals with things, earning him the nickname “hot blooded idiot.” He works together with Hiroyuki on dangerous tasks that make use of his great physical prowess. Like Hiroyuki, he carries an electromagnetic baton as a weapon.
Pirika Ashikawa, played by Momoka
Head of cyber security for E.G.I.S., 23 years old. A girl whose smile matches her innocence. A dedicated support member who helps Hiroyuki and Homare on their missions from the office. She’s a genius when it comes to handling hackers or creating vaccine software.
Kirisaki, played by Kou Nanase
Kirisaki is the human form of Ultraman Tregear. His eyes are filled with cruelity and madness and he moves in the shadows of a case that has pulled in Hiroyuki and the others. His true capabilities and ultimate goal are unknown.
Unlike other Ultraman series with one host to one Ultraman, Hiroyuki will be partnered with three different Ultramen which can be accessed via the Taiga Spark that Hiroyuki carries with him. Ultraman Taiga is voiced by Takuma Terashima (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime), Ultraman Titas is voiced by Satoshi Hino (Yuri!!! on Ice, Naruto), and Ultraman Fuma is voiced by Shota Hayama (Devilman: Crybaby). Yuma Uchida will continue to voice Ultraman Tregear after the character’s debut in the recent Ultraman R/B movie.
Ultraman Taiga will premiere later this summer on July 6th at 9 AM in Japan on TV Tokyo.

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