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Ultraman Geed’s Mayu Hasegawa Announces Retirement From Acting

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Ultraman Geed’s Mayu Hasegawa Announces Retirement From Acting

The Ultraman actress took to social media to make her announcement.

Earlier this week, actress Mayu Hasegawa took to Twitter to make public her announcement of retirement from acting and the entertainment industry. A simplified translation of her post from her personal account can be read here:

“Today, I’m retiring the entertainment industry. It’s difficult to be myself, but I still feel happiness in my whole body and go through the way I believe. Thank you very much!”

Hasegawa was not active as an actress for very long, with only a few credits going back to 2016. She is best known for her role in 2017’s Ultraman Geed as Moa Aizaki, head of the Alien Investigation Bureau or AIB. She reprised the role in the 2018 movie Ultraman Geed The Movie: I’ll Connect With the Wish!

Source: Twitter

Actor, Tokusatsu enthusiast, cosplayer, host of Rider Rewind & co-host of the Beyond the Black Rims on YouTube.

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